Life as a Playwright

As a playwright, I have been pursuing my love for writing and telling stories that inspire and encourage audiences.  I have several original inspirational productions, one murder mystery and a dozen short skits to my credit.  I have been diligently writing and producing plays for 10 years.

In 2010, my husband and I founded 10 Talents Productions, with the vision of teaching at-risk youth and aspiring playwrights the basics of scriptwriting to take their ideas from conception to the theatre.

See the listing below for a description of my original stage plays. Please note that all of these scripts are available for purchase, if you are interested. I also offer custom scriptwriting for your specific needs. Please see the Contact tab and fill out a form and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Titles of Productions:

Mama’s Family  – the story of a mother raising two teenaged boys and her quest to keep them safe from lure of street life.

Against All Odds  – the tale of a wife and her alcoholic husband.

This Is Your Life – a humorous, but thought-provoking production about Judgment Day.

Who Gives This Woman? – the story of a bride-to-be as she prepares for her wedding and has to decide if her father will walk her down the aisle. Dad has been absent for more than half of her life.

Just Stand  – the story of a wife who is doing what she can to hold her family together, in spite of her husband’s desire to be live the life of the free and single.

The Substance of Things Hoped For – the twists and turns of a young couple’s journey to have a baby while dealing with their intrusive mothers.

Murder at the Hole in the Wall – an interactive murder mystery set in a nightclub, featuring great singing. Perfect for dinner theatre.

Daddy’s Girl  – the story of an 11-year-old whose parents have divorced. Her dad is now remarried with a new baby girl and she struggles to find her place in his life, while navigating the growing pains of puberty.


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