“The Underdog”

My dad used to tell me that he pulling for the underdog in politics and in sports. The underdog is the one that is expected to lose. Because of my dad’s love for boxing, I am a boxing fan. While watching boxing on t.v. my dad would read the stats of the one favored to win and it sounded impressive. In contrast, the stats for the underdog made me question my dad’s judgment, because it didn’t always seem feasible that the underdog had a chance of winning. There were many times when the underdog was victorious and that would make my dad very happy. His thinking was “it’s not over until it’s over”.

How many battles have you fought or trials have you faced where the odds were against you and you felt like you were the underdog? You’re not alone. I heard a minister say one time that we are either going into a trial or coming out of one at any moment in time. The key is to know that even though you may lose a few battles, ultimately you will WIN.

Everything around you may be crumbling. Your finances may be shaky. Your marriage may be hanging on by a thread. Your health or your parents’ health may be failing, but don’t lose hope. When you put your trust in God, be assured that He will cause you to triumph and be victorious!

Scripture for meditation: Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear (Isaiah 59:1, New International Version).

Embrace this truth: What you think is important! If you think you are a winner or if you think there’s no way you can win, you’re right.


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