My hubby and I are headed to a couples’ retreat tomorrow and I’m looking forward to connecting/reconnecting with him. The daily grind and responsibilities of life require some downtime as often as possible. This is the 6th annual conference hosted by As One Ministry (Kyle and Tranette Sanders) and this year’s theme is “Elevate”, which means: to lift (something) up, to increase the level of (something), to make (something) higher to raise (someone) to a higher rank or level.

Couples doing well in their marriage don’t often see the benefit of attending a marriage retreat, but EVERYTHING can be improved. A good marriage can be great, when the right tools are implemented. Couples struggling in their marriages may think that attending a marriage retreat would be a waste of time and energy, but I have personally witnessed couples who attended this marriage retreat declaring it as a “last ditch effort” to save their marriage and before the weekend was over, God had turned them back to one another and restored their love for one another.

Please pray for each couple attending this year’s retreat and ask God to Elevate each couple to the next level – spiritually, financially, and emotionally.


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