“A Stiff Upper Lip”

All of us will experience different types of pain at various points in life: emotional, physical or psychological. Some have become numb to the pain that is a constant part of their daily living and they have learned to maintain “a stiff upper lip”, meaning they put on a brave face, rather than allowing others to see that they are hurting. Your first response may be to cry, but you don’t. You may carry on as if all is well, when the reality is, all is not well.

Speaking up and speaking out about our burdens/problems will free us from suffering in silence. Some are under the impression that if they speak about something, it will create an atmosphere for that particular thing to continue to manifest and grow. I’d like to offer a different view. When you tell your prayer warriors specifically how to intercede for you, you will experience a shift in your favor as they call that thing out and cast it down!

Take action now: Meditate on Psalm 16:8: I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved. (New International Version)

Embrace this truth: Adversities aren’t designed to break you...so don’t let them.


2 thoughts on ““A Stiff Upper Lip”

  1. Truth! OMgosh, we ALL do this, everyday! Its how we function, its a defense mechanism that’s built into all of us. Countless days and nights I must decide and sometimes its easy and sometimes, I just give it a “pass” – aka a stiff upper lip! What I will do now is confess Psalm 16:8. Thank you my friend.

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