“Woven Together in Christ”

As I look forward to spending the upcoming weekend at a marriage conference with my husband, I’m excited that we will have the chance to get away from home and spend some quality time together. No kids. No grandkids. No dog. Just the two of us. Can we handle the quietness? Absolutely! Why? Because we have learned that although we love wrestling with the grands and playing with the dog, nothing beats one on one time together. We know the importance of building a relationship and friendship that will last well into our senior years.

Unfortunately, I have seen the demise of too many marriages; some of them were couples who had been married for many years. One thing I know is that the breakdown of a marriage doesn’t happen overnight. It happens little by little, but sometimes couples are so busy working, paying bills, meeting deadlines, going to school, etc. that they forget to take time for their spouse and many don’t realize that their marriage is in trouble until it’s too late.

Becoming one with your spouse is a process and it won’t happen overnight either. Couples enter marriage with a value system that they earned from their parents (good or bad), so there will be disagreements and disappointments. Don’t let those things outweigh all that is good. The road to having a successful marriage is paved with many bumps and detours, but I do believe the journey is worth it.

Take action now: Meditate on Amos 3:3 – Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction? (New Living Translation)

Embrace this truth: Love one another’s perfect imperfections.


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