“Death with Dignity”

I have had the opportunity to watch people who not only talk about walking by faith, but I’ve seen them walk the walk. I’m sure you’ve been in their presence as well. They are the ones that experience seemingly back-to-back losses or calamites, such as multiple deaths of loved ones, or being outsourced from their job when they are the sole provider for their family, or undergoing grueling treatment for their terminal illness. Even in the face of all these trials, they never complain. I have discovered their secret.

These individuals have learned that although their situation may not be ideal, they discovered that they were well equipped to endure the hand that they were dealt. They didn’t know what they could handle until the situation called for them to step up and face it. They didn’t have time to cower in the corner and cry. They knew that wouldn’t help, although it may have felt good to do so. Too many people waste energy being mad and complaining about how unfair life is. Life isn’t always fair, but I have yet to read anywhere that life was meant to be fair. Let me encourage you not to stop praying even if you don’t see a change in your situation. The change may not always be visible to the eye, but sometimes the change is internal. Praying (which is talking to God and allowing Him to talk to you) brings you into a closer relationship with Him to the point that you may find yourself saying, ‘not my will but Your will be done’, just as Christ prayed when he felt alone in the Garden of Gethsemane. His disciples may have failed Him, but God didn’t and never will.

A friend recently lost his twin sister after a long bout with cancer. Everyone prayed for her to be healed and to be restored to good health. When it became evident that she was going to succumb to the disease, she faced her pending death with dignity and grace. She told her family that she wanted to “represent God in the best way possible, even unto death” and she set about being true to her word. She was a very detailed and orderly person, so she wrote detailed, step-by-step ‘how to’ processes for her family to follow, so they would know how to take over the responsibilities that she once had, without missing a beat. It sounds similar to how Christ showed His love for us that when He knew He was going to be put to death, He left a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, for us. Our prayer request for my friend’s sister wasn’t denied, because her healing took place as soon as she closed her eyes here on the earth. The cancer didn’t win because living eternally with God is definitely not a loss.

Take action now: Meditate on 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 – “ It is the same way with the resurrection of the dead. Our earthly bodies are planted in the ground when we die, but they will be raised to live forever.  Our bodies are buried in brokenness, but they will be raised in glory. They are buried in weakness, but they will be raised in strength. They are buried as natural human bodies, but they will be raised as spiritual bodies.” (New Living Translation).

Embrace this truthDeath is not final for the believer.

In honor of Memorial Day, take a moment to remember the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives while protecting our freedom and thank those who currently serve.


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