“Moving Day”

I’ve been a playwright for 10 years now and I distinctly remember the day my writing career began. There was a lady at my church who had been responsible for writing or producing the plays for a number of years and she was very talented. I was actually cast in a couple of her productions. I had entertained the thought of writing a skit a few times, but I didn’t want the other lady to think that I was trying to take her job, so I kept my desire to write to myself. Imagine my surprise when she announced one morning that she was stepping down from many of her responsibilities due to the illness of her closest friend. After prayer and thoughtful consideration, I volunteered to write the upcoming annual fall production and much to my delight, my first play was well received and so my journey began.

What I now know with certainty is that while we may not know what’s around each corner until we get there, God makes provisions to assure us of His presence once we step out on faith. I had no idea that what began as me writing scripts for church productions would eventually lead to me debuting one of my productions to a sold out crowd in a theatre 10 years later. My success has not been built on anything I did other than moving out of the way so that God Himself could move.

P.S. the lady that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog has proven to be one of my biggest supporters and that inspires me to write without ceasing and to keep allowing God to order my steps. I’d like to publicly say THANK YOU, Jewel Coleman!

Take action now: Meditate on Hebrews 11:1 – Faith is the reality of what we hope for, the proof of what we don’t see” (Common English Bible).

Embrace this truth:Stop talking about what you’re going to do and do it!


One thought on ““Moving Day”

  1. Humble beginnings…thanks for sharing yours. God bless Jewel and she is probably saying the same about you. Many times, I think, its takes people to know when its time to “step down” making the necessary room for others to “step up” in to the position where God has prepared a platform for them to be a blessing and carry on in Jesus name. What a wonderful story of your beginnings. Now I know how it all started and, frankly, I’m SO glad it happened to YOU my friend!

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