“(Un)Social Media”

My husband and I were enjoying an evening out to dinner recently and I noticed an older couple sitting a few tables from us. It warmed my heart to see that they were enjoying one another’s company and weren’t spending their golden years watching television and letting the world pass them by. A few minutes later I glanced at them again and noticed that they both had their iPhones in hand and they were totally oblivious to one another and to their surroundings!

It is no secret that we are in the information age and I realize that a lot of people use their phones to keep up with how the stock market is doing or to conduct business (and virtual meetings) and to keep an eye on the score of their favorite athletic team, but there seems to be more emphasis today on being in the know rather than being in the now!  Facebook seems to have taken the place of face  time (spending uninterrupted time together). I like to people watch and I pay close attention to those around me and I’ve come to the conclusion that people are addicted to information. They are constantly looking at their phones and it doesn’t matter if they are driving or walking or at even at church! The subtle vibration or chirp indicating an incoming message, alert or email seems to be the equivalent of oxygen to many people. If a person loses his or her phone, everything comes to a halt until they get it replaced.

Many friends have said that they feel “lost” if they are separated from their phone for any reason (whether they lost their phone or if they accidentally left it at home). I guess I’m not addicted to mine because on the weekends I may not look at my phone until Sunday afternoon, because the weekends are an opportunity for me to reconnect with God, my family/friends and myself…everything else can wait.

Take action now: Meditate on Psalm 119:105 : Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.. (NIV)

Embrace this truth:  Focus on what’s important – spending quality time with friends and / or loved ones.


One thought on ““(Un)Social Media”

  1. Amen! Face TIME is what we need today with our loved ones. You may have to send a text or an email to set up the time but once you have them in your sphere, tell everyone to check the technology at the door!

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