“Daddy’s Girl!”

Ask any father about his love for his children and most are quick to say that although they are thrilled to have a son (or sons) to help carry the family surname to the next generation, it’s their daughters who win their hearts – hands down. Daddy is the first man that a girl loves and more times than not, she will base future relationships with men on how healthy (or not) her relationship with her father was while she was growing up.  

Unfortunately, it’s quite common for many girls to grow up without establishing a relationship with their father so they are unsure about what positive male/female relationships look like and they “wing it” when they begin dating. Add to that equation that many young men are also being raised without their fathers and it’s a recipe for dysfunction and disaster…it’s the blind leading the blind because one cannot replicate or duplicate what one has never seen emulated.

The bad news is that many boys and girls (men and women) never get the attention or affirmation that they seek from their earthly father. The Good News is that God (the Father) sees your worth and value so be encouraged knowing that although you may be hurt by what you feel that you didn’t get from your earthly father…God loves you with an everlasting love and to Him you and  will always be Daddy’s Girl!

Tune into http://www.womensworshipfest.org to hear me live on the Touch A Heart radio program on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 5pm PST, as I discuss my upcoming conference for teen girls being raised without a father. Don’t miss it!


2 thoughts on ““Daddy’s Girl!”

  1. Hello Sharon,

    Today, I was asked to pray for a young lady and her relationship with her father. While praying for her daughter, I realized, my daughter, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all suffer from this same demise. Men who planted a seed but failed to nurture the fruit. Then, I go online and find a post from you, sent days, ago. I forwarded your words to the mom to share with her daughter. In addition, I will share God’s words, spoken through you with my family, on Sunday, our designated “Family Day. Know that I am praying with and for you in the ministry of reconciliation. Much will be required of you because much have been given to you. I pray you will not become weary in the press, strength to complete the journey, and that your love for God and Christ Jesus will endure regardless of the cost. Love you, Jewel.

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